What’s in a name?

It is so interesting what people are doing with decorative letters. Through the ages people have printed on paper, fabric and even the human body. Now it has been very popular to express our creativity with letters for all to see on the wall. Literally “A Writing on the Wall”.


How interesting they are, letters mostly larger once. Take a look at some of the things you might do with those.

There is a very thrifty way to do this kind of decor by making the letters yourself.


  1. First,, find a nice font you like. If you do not already have one you like on your computer, then check out  fontsquirrel.com  or   1001freefonts.com . If you need assistance with installing new fonts, check out dafont.com help files.

ceral-box2. Get out an empty Cereal Box, making sure to cut a mirror image for the back side.


3. Build up the structure of the letter. The sides here are made from 2″ wide strips. Follow the curves of the letter and tape with scotch tape.


4. Now it is time to  paper mache, newspaper are ideal. Cut the newspaper into strips. One to two newspapers should do.

Paper Mache Paste:

  •           1 cup Water
  •          1 cup Flour
  •          1/2 Tbsp. Salt

5. Dip the paper strips in the paste and cover the letter until it has about 2-3 layers of paper.

6. Let dry completely.

7. Sand lightly with a very fine sandpaper.



8. Paint with acrylic paint of your choice.

These can be used for any number of decorations.blend01